Live Streaming


Live Streaming

A live stream production turns your local event or meeting into a global production.

Live Streaming is easy, affordable and helps organizations communicate more effectively – also gives your corporate communication channels a big technological boost in the proverbial arm. Already our webcasts have reached over 10 nations, thousands of viewers and saved tens of thousands of dollars in travel expenses for our clients.

Live Streaming will transform your events!

It’s easy and more affordable than ever. Here is just some of the many options available for your meetings:

  • Stream to your Facebook page or directly to your website
  • Monetize your events
  • Expand your audience
  • Engage customers who are unable to attend your conference

A virtual event is so much more than just a video conference call. With a virtual experience – your attendee is at a live virtual event joining in with hundreds to thousands of other viewers to watch speakers present LIVE.

Let us show you how easy Live Streaming can be and we promise your clients, your employees and your partners will be impressed.