Introducing Chris Benjamin: Local Sales & Events Manager

Introducing Chris Benjamin:
Local Sales & Events Manager

“America loves a good comeback story!” and we are ecstatic to welcome Christopher Benjamin back to the MAC Team. Chris will oversee and execute sales activities at the local level. This involves interacting with potential clients and customers within the Greater Cincinnati area and surrounding states. His main objective will be to work with clients to bring their concept to reality and produce a successful event. As the person handling local sales, Chris will focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with existing clients and building long-lasting partnerships with new clients.

Chris brings a wealth of professional expertise in the field of audiovisual (AV) production, bolstered by his Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting and previous tenure at MAC Productions as an AV Technician. Over the past two years, Chris has served as a lighting technician for several motion pictures that have selected Cincinnati as their backdrop, including prominent films such as Bones and All, White Noise, The Bikeriders, and Wise Guys.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris actively dedicates his personal time to cherished aspects of his life. He prioritizes quality moments with his fiancé, Kalah, and their canine companions, Atwood and Keeley. In addition, Chris indulges in various hobbies, such as his passion for drumming, voracious reading, collecting vintage VHS tapes, attending horror movie conventions, and accomplishing significant milestones in his athletic pursuits as Chris recently completed his seventh full marathon.

Overall, as the individual responsible for local sales and events, Chris will play a crucial role in driving business growth, expanding the company’s local presence, and strengthening relationships within the community.  If you or anyone you know can use Chris’ expertise on their next event, give him a call at 859-655-3080, request a quote here or if you just want to save his profile image as your wallpaper, you can check him out on LinkedIn.



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