Virtual Meetings Microsite



Virtual Meetings Microsite

Introducing the Do LIVE Better virtual meeting microsite dedicated to taking your live meetings to a new level of virtual engagement, all combined into a single page.

Finally, there is a virtual platform that allows you to customize a virtual meeting. The Do LIVE Better platform allows you to add features previously unobtainable on such an affordable platform, and it all comes with the assurance of the MAC Productions team doing all things technical. You will not find a more affordable and reliable platform anywhere!

The Do LIVE Better platform features the following:

  • Registration and Event Membership Purchasing.
  • Brandable Landing Page with motion video and customized graphics with custom URLs.
  • Unlimited viewing capacity.
  • Live chat 
  • Live Q&A
  • Speaker bio listing key details and personal bio information.
  • Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Live on-site chat tech support available to any attendee requiring assistance.


Our service includes:

  • Live Chat Support: Attendees are able to access live chat support in case they need any assistance during the event.
  • Pre, Present and Post Event Support For Clients: Telephone support, one-on-one video and multiple feed support with screen-sharing.


Analytics help to better understand your audience. MAC can help discover where attendees spend time, what has the most impact and how to improve the next event.

Our service includes:

  • User impressions
  • Registered attendees
  • Location data
  • Session attendance
  • View real time attendee activity