The “Bright” Side to Levering Custom Lighting Solutions

DAV (Disabled American Veterans Slat Wall Stage Design

At your next production, don’t let lighting be an afterthought! At MAC Productions we understand the importance of lighting – it’s the first thing that attendees see when they walk into a room and it sets the tone for your entire event.

Any AV company can flood a few lights at the stage but our team of experts transforms your meeting into a visual message. If you’re looking to put your event attendees in a certain mood, the lighting experts at MAC Productions are here to help.

Our lighting experts can transform a room and create spaces geared to emphasize your event message, whether it be entertainment or education.

“We have a very skilled team of lighting professionals,” said Dan Kaufman, MAC’s Lighting Department Manager. “My predecessor as lighting department manager has moved into a sales role, so he really understands that side of the business.”


Lighting can bring a lot to the table for our clients and can be used to highlight each element of your production.

“During a show, it’s basically a theatrical performance. Our team is controlling what the audience sees and directs where their focus is,” Kaufman said. “It’s very rewarding to come up with a look that people remember and feel all night.”

From the first production meeting about a show to the final stick of truss production, MAC ensures that every lighting detail is right. We work with a wide variety of budgets and industries, making sure that we’re choosing the right colors and effects to set the right impression for audiences.

“MAC Productions stands out from the competition due to our technical excellence,” Kaufman said. “I would put our crew up against anyone at any company, in any country.”

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