How to Make an Impact on an Efficient Budget: All About Entertainment

Ever heard that expression about how a penny saved is a penny earned? It may be an old cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true – and when it comes to event planning, saving money (especially in this current age of inflation) is always encouraged. 

This series features our MAC Productions team of experts sharing tips on ways to make an impact within an efficient budget. Our previous posts have featured plenty of tips on how to efficiently plan your event in advance – like how optimizing your event venue and schedule can save money.

In this installment, we tackle riders. If paid proper attention, you can save a pretty penny. 

The Devil – and Savings – Is in the Details

Did you happen to miss our blog on game theory? If not, go back and read before proceeding. As explained in that piece, when it comes to hiring entertainers, their rider may be filled with plenty of details that can make or break your event – and the same goes for technical riders.  

Now that we have you back, let’s talk more about riders, especially when it comes to hiring entertainment.   

Technical riders are almost always above and beyond cost-wise, sometimes even rivaling the cost to hire the entertainment itself.  

When trying to plan an event on an efficient budget, double-check an entertainer’s technical rider to see if they are “self-contained.” 

Self-contained performers save you money by requiring less (if any) additional audio costs; making sure yours can help ensure your event stays on budget. If you don’t hire a self-contained performer, that could mean you end up eating the cost of the backline of instruments and amplifiers, microphones and monitor systems.   

Working with the professionals at MAC Productions can help you save and create an event customized to your needs, all while staying within your budget. Contact us today  to make your next live event your best one yet! 

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