Meet Maria McMahon, MAC Productions Staff Accountant

Meet Maria McMahon

At MAC Productions, numbers are critical to an event’s success. From having the right light balance to the volume on every speaker, numbers can be the difference between success and sorrow.  

Numbers also matter to Maria McMahon,  MAC Productions’ Staff Accountant. Maria is responsible for keeping track of every single dollar that goes in and out of the company. 

“I was always interested in business and math; accounting is the perfect combination of both.” That’s how Maria describes her chosen career path, which she prepared for by earning her Master’s in Accounting from Northern Kentucky University and interning at Bramel & Ackley, PSC before later working for Fidelity Investments.  

In addition to her focus on crunching numbers, Maria has knowledge of the audio and visual side of the MAC Productions team, as well. She said the welcoming nature of the MAC Productions team has helped her get up to speed on things quite quickly, especially when it comes to the company’s biggest annual events. 

 “For the last two years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with MAC Productions AV and Live Event Production Manager, Mark Wagoner, on the RE/MAX conference,” she says. 

Making sure outsiders feel like part of the MAC Productions team is something Maria – and MAC customers – can appreciate. 

“MAC is a family-run company whose owners treat everyone like family. From the beginning, our owner, Mike Claypool, and administrator, Becky Claypool, have made me feel like I’m truly a part of their team even if I focus on the numbers,” she says.

“Coming from outside the industry, I was shocked to see all the intricacies and details that go into creating such outstanding live events,” says Maria. “Everyone who works at MAC is truly passionate about creating the best possible productions for our customers.”  

In her free time, Maria likes to stay active and spend time with family and friends, including hiking around the Grand Canyon. 

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