How to Make an Impact on an Efficient Budget: Optimize Rehearsals to Save Time and Money

Ask any basketball fan about practice and they’ll likely think of hall of famer Allen Iverson’s infamous rant. Ask a professional event planner and – if they’re good at what they do – they’ll think of the ways rehearsals can save time and money alike. 

Keeping a lean event budget can be a measure of a successful production, especially with rising costs. In this series, our team of experts at MAC Productions will share tips on how to make an impact with an efficient budget.  

So far we’ve discussed how optimizing your event venue and schedule can save money. Now let’s talk about rehearsals.  

The purpose of every rehearsal is the same: To make sure all the kinks are worked out of your performance before the big show itself. But you can make your rehearsals even better – and save money in the process – by eliminating some of the common mistakes people make during them. 

Optimize Rehearsals to Save Time and Money

Unless you’re doing something technical like checking audio levels, lighting effects or something that requires a crew to be present, don’t waste their time and your money by practicing on site. 

Occasionally, a full crew will sit through a rehearsal just to watch a presenter read through a PowerPoint presentation that they could have read through in their hotel room or at home. That can be a waste of time and more importantly, money, since no one needed to be there for those hours. 

Instead of taking on the expense of additional time for rehearsals, try these three cost-savings measures in their place: 

  • Look at rehearsals as a time to make sure your presentation loads and is correctly formatted to the screens. 
  • Make sure presenters are comfortable with the confidence monitor, foldbacks, and how to enter and exit the stage.
  • Familiarize presenters with elements that are special to the event or that involve the technical staff. 

Working with the professionals at MAC Productions can help you save and create an event customized to your needs, all while staying within your budget. Contact us today  to make your next live event your best one yet. 

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