MAC’s 5 Rules for LED Video Walls

Rule 1:

Each section of wall panel is a group of led pixels and with a series of panels and pixels – you arrive at the dimensions of your video wall. Once you have your dimension, you can create a template with your preferred graphic design program or do what I do – use PowerPoint and be sure to translate your pixel count into the “custom setting” for your slide based on your dimensions or aspect ratio.

Rule 2:

Know the Kelvin of the stage wash. Although this is becoming less of a concern, it is still very important to make sure that your stage wash and your LED wall’s kelvin temperatures are close. Using convention lighting fixtures with an LED wall can present color temperature issues that will most likely affect your video records and your color variances for IMAG.

Rule 3:

All staging is not made equal. Video walls can either be flown or ground supported. There are multiple reasons as to why you would need to ground support your video wall but if you are putting your wall on stage decks – those stage decks may not be able to support the weight of a ground supported wall and this could be a very serious safety issue.

Two monitors of computers with charts and graphs in office

Rule 4:

Depth of Field or in layperson’s terms – the distance of the speaker in relation to the video wall. The less distance between your speaker and the LED wall the more likely a moiré effect will appear in your video recording which will be seen on the video wall. To decrease the moiré effect, it is helpful to move the speaker further away from the wall. Depth of field combined with other technical modification will help keep your video records looking crisp and clear.

Rule 5:

Know your rigging points. All too often planners will conceptualize a room without being fully aware of the location and limitation of the room’s rigging points. Knowing the room’s rigging points will help you decide if you can fly the wall or if you would have to ground support the wall.

Two monitors of computers with charts and graphs in office

If you have questions about designing your meeting or event, please feel free to reach out. At MAC Productions we like to say that we do LIVE better and we will do everything we can to help you produce a great event.



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