Importance of Event Graphic Signage

There are many details to keep in mind when planning an event. From brochures, to session schedules, the list can seem endless. However, good organization, time management, and the right people to help you can make the planning process much simpler.

It’s critical to have signage to direct your attendees and exhibitors to specific areas, room numbers, start and end times, access permissions, etc. Most events are scattered over a large area. Registration and the trade show areas may be at opposite ends of the building. The appropriate signage can make a huge difference.

Some of the most popular questions can be answered with a sign.

Here are examples of suggestions for signs for your next event:

Other social media outlets can include:

    • “Which way to the exhibit floor?”
    • “What time can I get on the show floor?”
    • “Is this where I pick up my badge?”
    • “Which way to the hotel?”
    • “Where are exhibitor services?”
    • “What time does registration close?”
    • “When do I have to have my booth set up?”
    • “Where can I get a rideshare?”
    • “Where is this room located?”


Having these frequently asked questions answered by signage will keep your event organized, on schedule and most importantly your attendees happy. We offer a wide variety of signage. There are subtle floor graphics, sign frames and less subtle wall graphics that will catch the attention of attendees as they enter the host facility.

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