The “ART” of the Meeting Room

Art of the Meeting


When it’s “live” – 10 minutes is an eternity. If your meeting rooms are not set and ready, your attendees will notice and no one ever gets a second chance to make a first impression. This is why we have perfected the art of setting up and changing over the meeting room. Other AV companies think “meeting rooms” are just a hassle, but at MAC Productions — a meeting room is one more reason we do LIVE better.

We call it doing “LIVE” better, because setting up a meeting room is both an art and a skill – a MAC process that evolved through trial and error, tempered with experience.  Although some planners might think that all meeting rooms are made equal – we are here to tell you — they are not.  Just ask Jeremy Mobley, Event Manager for MAC Productions.  Jeremy manages hundreds of meeting rooms a year and believes that “when you compare MAC to the in-house AV or other AV companies, we save our clients 5 to 10 minutes per meeting room during set up.  We do it through a process that our technicians follow in a specific way that almost guarantees a savings of ten minutes on installation.  Not only do we save our clients 10 minutes, our standard meeting rooms look more professionally dressed, with clean straight tape-lines, table-skirting and always feature better sound and perfectly focused video quality.”

Contact us today and let us show how we can improve your live events and give you the personal service you and your events deserve…and always remember, at MAC, we do LIVE better.



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