Social Shorthands


  • cid [consider it done] MAC   
  • np [no problem] MAC onsite 
  • bbl [be back later] MAC has it covered 
  • nw [no worries] got MAC
  • eod [end of discussion] call MAC asap
  • jtluk [just to let you know] never use in-house AV again!
  • omg [oh my gosh] this has been the greatest event.
  • tmg [totes mcgoats] What a great event. tmg (Totally)
  • pls [please]
  • tmot [trust me on this]
  • tmb [text me back]
  • nhav [no hotel AV] get MAC   
  • dlb [do “LIVE” better]


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Your stage is our canvas. Every room… is our studio. Every ray of light…our paint and brush, this is where we make the typical ordinary event – an extraordinary show.