About MAC Productions

In 1971, Mike Claypool started MAC Productions with a 1950’s Chevy pickup, a small loan from his father and a dream – a dream to build a business dedicated to providing the very best in LIVE event production. For over fifty years, MAC Productions has crisscrossed the nation providing live event services for an exclusive roster of clients. It is our sincere mission to provide turnkey audiovisual solutions for conferences, meetings and live events.

Nationally, MAC is the AV event production services supplier for:

  • RE/MAX – the world’s leading real estate franchise company
  • North American Manufacturing Association
  • Gensler – a global architectural and design firm.
  • The National PTA conferences
  • AMC (Association Management Center) and their repertoire of associations.
  • AMR (Association Management Resources)


MAC is staffed with 22 fulltime live event production professionals who specialize in lighting, sound, video, event management and creative services.

We are dedicated to making your production a success – we do LIVE better – this is what we do and who we are!

REMAX R4 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in the MGM Grand Ballroom. LED Wall stage set design.
Country Singer On Stage at a Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Why is MAC the Best for You? At MAC Productions – we have a “360˚” LIVE event production process that focuses precisely on the critical components of a LIVE event. Our 360˚ process is simple. We strive to unify all technical, creative, and logistical components necessary to produce a successful LIVE event.

01 Planning process.

We are detailed planners. Everything from our CADs to our Renders and our Production schedules are detailed to precision. Our goal is to anticipate and prepare for everything and to be able to respond rapidly. You will be assigned a Production Manager to manage every logistical aspect of your show – starting with the introductory call, continuing with the onsite show and the invoice.

02 Production team.

We travel with a core crew of LIVE event professionals who regularly operate LIVE shows. Your show will have an engineering lead for Video, Sound, Lighting and Event Management. Our event team is experienced, personable, and dedicated to you and your show.

03 Partnership.

Our team will be an extension of your team. Seamlessly we will begin establishing trust, reliability, and professional operation.

Scope of Services

Gensler Custom Stage Set Design for a mid size meeting.

Event Management

Planning is everything. Live events demand attention to detail and a clear process to assure success. Our event managers meticulously check every production detail, anticipate any issues and advise our production partners through every phase of the planning process. 


Our audiovisual team strives for constant improvement and assured operation. We approach each and every show to match your unique content and experiential goals by carefully fusing live event production technologies with decades of live event production experience — culminating in a do LIVE better mindset.

Stage Design

We look beyond the obvious and design a show to illicit emotion, enhance learning and memory. Beginning with fully rendered concept to an even more realistic set – our set designs will captivate your audience while lending special attention to all our senses.

Schedule of Deliverables

Below is a sample of our production process with deliverables. Depending on your show dates – we would customize according to your expectations or requirements:

Description of Work


Phase One:
Preliminary pre-production meetings for theme, set, lighting and pre-produced media.

Proposal Sent
Proposal Approved/Signed

Conference Call: Client Info Meeting

  • Goals
  • Attendee walkaway
  • Client expectations – define success for this event.

Facility site visit – info gathered loading dock, electric, push path best if coordinated with client to be onsite (3-4 months out)

4 to 6 months out

Description of Work


Phase Two:
Review overall proposal including theme, tech logistics and talent.

Conference Call: Review

  • Technology plan w/ AV needs
  • Presentation of graphic themed samples
  • Production crew plan – approve team
  • Review theme & content
  • Stage and set design
  • Seating
  • Review special performances
  • Open discussion

3 to 4 months out

Description of Work


Phase Three:
Confirm theme and specific design and media content. Also update any additional information. Budget review.

Conference Call:

  • Review AV needs and schedule with client (12 weeks out)
  • Open discussion
  • Stage Set Renders/Revisions
  • Budget

10 to 12 weeks out

Description of Work


Phase Four:
Confirm labor and CAD.

Conference Call: AV/Show Review (8 weeks out)

  • General Session CAD (6 to 8 weeks out)
  • Production schedule
  • Open discussion and feedback


Rigging confirmed with in house
Local labor sourced, if required
COI sent to facility

6 to 8 weeks out

Description of Work


Phase Five:
Overview and confirm Run of Show, last minute speaker and technology review. Review all areas.

Conference Call: AV/Show Review (6 weeks out)

  • Confirmed agenda
  • Run of Show
  • Finalize event script
  • Technology Review of media/videos
  • Speaker PowerPoint deadline/review
  • Open discussion and feedback

MAC Hotel Needs to Client (3 weeks out)

MAC Facility Needs Client and Facility (3 weeks out)

MAC Hotel & Facility Needs to Crew (3 weeks out)

Conference Call: AV needs (2 weeks out)

  • Review all areas as needed
  • ONE NOTE FOLDERS – LIVE Updates shared with production team

2 to 6 weeks out

Description of Work


Phase Six:
Onsite meeting and run throughs.

On site Meeting with Client/Event Manager/Stage Manager (on site one day before)

Rehearsals or Cue to Cue review of RUN OF SHOW (on site one day out or morning of)


Description of Work


Phase Seven:
Post show review and invoicing. Critical step to improvement and streamlining for next show.

Conference Call: Post event review (2 to 3 weeks after show)

  • Invoice sent to client (1 week after show)
  • Video files sent to client (1 to 2 weeks after show)
  • Client/Vendor feedback


Please contact our


MAC Productions has worked and made friendships with hundreds of people throughout our 50+ years of service. These are a few of our many happy clients.

Andy Cohen

Gensler Red

Andy Cohen


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Mike Reagan


Mike Reagan

Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing

5075 S. Syracuse Street
Denver, CO  80237-2712

(303) 796-3559

Mike “Ryno” Ryan

Mike Ryan

Former Senior Advisor, RE/MAX World HQ

Current – Owner Rainmakers

5075 S. Syracuse St.
Denver, CO. 80237

(303) 570-5140

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Nina Sossamon-Pogue

Nina Logo

Nina Sossamon-Pogue

Keynote Speaker

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Stephanie Dylkiewicz


Stephanie Dylkiewicz

8735 W. Higgins Road, Suite 300 Chicago, IL  60631(847) 375-4700Email Me

Event Safety

MAC Productions is one of the few audio-visual companies to have a certified ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification Program) rigger and electrician. 

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program is an industry-wide program of rigorous assessments for professional technicians. ETCP focuses on procedures that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers, and audiences.

All stage and lighting installations are overseen by MAC’s very own Jim Tutorow, Jim has worked extensively throughout the United States rigging and installing stage and lighting. The bottom line is that when you select MAC Productions – your event has an added layer of safety and indemnification.

Nothing is more important to MAC Productions than the safety of the audience and crew!

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