Keys to Success in Creating Meaningful Productions

Relationships and Collaboration: The Keys to Success in Creating Customized, Meaningful Productions


A successful live event happens because of a clear plan and talent to make it happen. A great live event, however, is the result of communication, trust, and collaboration to bring a shared vision to life. Developing a great relationship requires listening to client needs and concerns and innovating solutions that bring that shared vision to life. It’s the reason Nina Sossamon-Pogue continues to partner with MAC Productions for all her live and virtual event production needs.


Nina is the owner of NSP Communications, which specializes in helping both individuals and companies communicate and excel through change. Her company is the culmination of her past experiences, which include two decades as an Emmy-winning television news personality, hyper-growth tech executive and even a USA Gymnastics team member in her teens.

However, it was her work for Benefitfocus, a South Carolina-based leader in data-driven, cloud-based software solutions, that first brought MAC Productions onto her radar. Working as Benefitfocus’ Vice President of Marketing and Communications, she was introduced to MAC Productions during the RFP process for an upcoming event.

Once she visited MAC Productions, she knew she hadn’t just found a company, but a partner she could depend on for years to come.

“They just blew me away with the way in which they prepared for our visit and created custom looks for us and had the team there to answer any questions – and I asked a lot of questions. They knew all the answers and had other cool ideas to present. It was an easy choice to go with them,” Nina recalls. “They just bent over backward and made things happen for us. Their answer was always ‘Yes,’ which is hard to find.”

As a result, Nina selected MAC Productions as the partner for Benefitfocus’ signature live event for several years.


Eventually, Nina left Benefitfocus to launch her own communications firm. Knowing she could rely on the MAC Productions team, she tapped them for a new endeavor, Nclusion.Speak, a new 90-minute “edutainment” presentation.

The program focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion and features Sossamon-Pogue and three other professional speakers: LGBTQIA minister, podcast host and best-selling author Erika Allison; two-time Paralympian and National Wheelchair Rugby champion, Joe Delagrave; and gold and platinum record musician Jonathan “Mookie” Morant.

Offering “a lesson in inclusion from every angle so you get more than just race, gender, age or ability,” Sossamon-Pogue collaborated with the MAC Productions team collaborated with Nina to create a microsite template for Nclusion.Speak and provided a virtual show rehearsal through MAC vMix studio.

Nina credits the collaborative spirit and expertise of the team for ultimately choosing MAC Productions.

“They were the ones I called when I realized I needed to do this myself in a new way. I knew that I didn’t really need a whole conferencing platform, but I needed more than Zoom,” Nina recalls. “I just picked up the phone and called Quinn who I’ve worked with before and said, ‘I have this thing I’m trying to do, and I need to talk it through with someone.’”

Client Testimonial MAC Productions


There is no better advertisement for our services than return business, especially from a client that continues to grow with us as we expand our capabilities.

“It’s very helpful to find a roomful of professionals, like MAC Productions, and have them put their heads together with you,” Nina says. “Working with a team like MAC helps me figure out the best way to get my message out to people because they know the tech. When I speak about Resilience, I tell audiences not to go it alone and to tap into ‘others’, and I look at MAC Productions as the others who have already figured this out, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel to have success. I find people who are experts and tap into their expertise – That’s what I see working with MAC.”

Learn more about Nina Sossamon-Pogue and Nclusion.Speak at their websites.

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