MAC AV awarded plaque by Palatine Panthers for A/V sponsorship  

MAC partnership with Palatine Panthers

The Palatine Panthers, a youth football organization team based in Palatine, Illi., won multiple championship titles this season. A partnership with MAC Productions helped the team produce atmospheres worthy of professional sports teams – and now, the Covington, Ky.-based company has been awarded with a ceremonial plaque in honor of their work.  

MAC Productions donated audio-visual equipment to Palatine Panthers, enabling the team to enjoy high-impact play-by-play and walk-ins, contributing to the organization’s winning season. The Palatine Amateur Football Association (PAFA) is the largest program in their youth football league and has focused on building a strong football community since 1966.

Vanessa and Jeremy Moble and their sons who are members of the Palatine Panthers U9 Championship winning team

PAFA provides flag football programs for K-2nd grade and tackle football for 3rd–8th graders. This past season, numerous Palatine Panther teams made the playoffs and won championships for their age groups.  

MAC Productions Event Manager Jeremy Mobley, a parent of two Panthers U9 Championship-winning players, said MAC had a simple response when the partnership was pitched to the rest of the company: “We’ll take care of it.” 

 “I enjoy working for a company that has the extra assets if there is something we need,” he said. “Because I live out of town, I don’t always get to take advantage of the equipment but this was a no-brainer.”

Turning an ordinary event into a real show – is something that MAC loves doing. 

At the start of Palatine’s season, the microphone in the press box was not working correctly. Taking stock of the old equipment, Jeremy stepped up and called the MAC team for help. Immediately, Jason Kampsen – MAC’s VP of Production arranged for the installation of the new sound equipment – and parents and fans immediately noticed.  

There’s a team in the box, with a man watching the game through binoculars, another playing hype music and a third calling the game, announcing sponsors, and giving birthday shoutouts.

“It’s a real production,” Jeremy said. “It’s a fun and family-friendly environment.” 

A partnership with MAC Productions and the Palatine Panthers helped the team produce atmospheres worthy of professional sports teams

Palatine Panther parent Vanessa Mobley said the audiovisual upgrades helped make for an “awesome” experience as a parent, despite a rough start. She said there were a lot of new faces and new players on the team and that the players “really came together as a team during the season.” 

Vanessa said all the PAFA teams appreciated the upgraded AV equipment, with plenty of banners featuring’s MAC logos highlighting their sponsorship present throughout the season.  

 MAC Productions would like to, again, congratulate all the PAFA teams on a fantastic 2021 season. So, what’s next for the Panthers? Jeremy has a clue.  

“Next year we’re striving to get more lights for the scoreboard,” Jeremy said. “We’re even thinking about building a dome.” 


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