How to Make an Impact on an Efficient Budget: Plan Ahead When Event Planning

How to Make an Impact on an Efficient Budget: Plan Ahead event planning

It’s no secret that sticking to your budget is one of the keys to a successful production for event planning.

Meeting Professionals International’s 2022 Spring Meetings Outlook found that meeting professionals expect budgets to increase over the next year. In fact, 45% anticipate budget growth of more than 5%. 

Even with budgets on the rise, keeping a lean budget is essential to making sure everything is in place on the day of your event and keeping your supervisors happy. In this new series, our team of experts at MAC Productions will share tips on how to make an impact with an efficient budget. 

Staying within your budget starts in the planning phase. The easiest way to stay under budget and make the biggest impact with what you have is to first work with your production company before you book your meeting space.   


A production company will be able to evaluate the facility requirements at the onsite and be able to notice a number of areas that could cause production problems  This could be anything from load-in time issues, freight elevator availability to columns or low-hanging chandeliers.  

Your production company can also review the facility space for rigging points, weight limits, production power, load in or load out issues to help examine and identify unique venue challenges.  

Any issues involving these venue details can be overcome, but it is a lot faster and more cost-effective to plan for it ahead of time. 

All of these steps can help ensure that your event will stay within budget and go as planned.  

Ready to make an impact on an efficient budget? At MAC Productions, we do LIVE better! We specialize in producing live corporate events of all sizes.  

Contact us today  to make your next live event your best one yet. 


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