How to Make an Impact on an Efficient Budget: Equipment Planning for Your Event Venue

Inflated prices aren’t just found at the grocery store or gas pump – rising costs in 2022 due to inflation and supply chain issues are impacting everyone, including event planners.

We all know that keeping a lean event budget can be a measure of a successful production, and that’s true now more than ever.  In this series, our team of experts at MAC Productions will share tips on how to make an impact with an efficient budget.  

In the first edition of this series, we talked about why event planners should bring their production company into the venue before committing. In short, your production company can review the facility space for any unique venue challenges that could add costs to your event.  

In this installment, we’re talking more about the event planning process, namely, optimizing your space before scheduling an event. Event planners should work with their production company to design the space and event schedule to maximize the use of general session rental equipment.

Here are two things to consider:  

How can you optimize the space?

First, does the general session space have air walls that would allow its size to adjust and accommodate larger breakouts, an awards program or dinner event?

General sessions normally include a stage set, stage lighting, cameras, switchers and recording equipment. When planning for your event, General session rooms can be reused for larger break-out sessions, saving you time and money when planning. Additionally, equipment is priced by the day. The more you can use the main event space, the more you can save on install labor, equipment rental and strike labor from having additional sessions in another room.  

Plan around your required AV quantities

On that note, consider our second tip. Work with your team to assign daily breakout sessions to rooms based on AV quantities required for each session for that day.

For example, say you are planning four sessions that each have a need for five wireless microphones. Each of those microphones can cost around $100 each. For one day alone, you could be paying $2,000 for 20 wireless mics if these sessions are in different rooms. However, if these four sessions were in the same room that day, you would only be paying for five wireless microphones, for a total of $500.  

Ready to spend less money on microphones and make an impact on an efficient budget? At MAC Productions, we do LIVE better! We specialize in producing live corporate events of all sizes. 

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