How to Make an Impact on an Efficient Budget: Choosing the Right Audio Options Can Help You Save

Audio is a huge component of a successful event, which makes picking the right audio options critical to both your budget and presentation’s impact. 

If you’re uncertain of what you need to know to pick the right option for you, you’ve come to the right place. This series features our MAC Productions team of experts sharing tips on ways to make an impact within an efficient budget.

Our previous posts have featured plenty of tips on how to efficiently plan your event in advance, like how optimizing your event venue and schedule can save money.

Now, let’s talk about audio.  

Don’t Let a Patch Serve as a Bandage to Potential Audio Problems

Want to save money when it comes to your event audio? Have your production company provide in-room sound, as opposed to relying on in-house options.  

House patch fees can add up when you use the venue’s speakers and in-house sound systems. Additionally, if your production provider brings their own speakers, you’ll enjoy better quality and a reduced failure rate. These experts will know this equipment and that exact team will be there to set up and run the equipment during your production.  

If you are already working with a production company, stick with them instead of working with the house A/V staff.  

At MAC Productions, we’ve had incidents when in-house A/V staff – in an attempt to set up another room – accidentally made a mispatch. A room’s audio can get combined incorrectly mid-show, leaving your audience confused. 

Next thing you know, your medical conference attendees are subject to an impromptu house A/V sound check saying something like “Check 1-2-3. Hey, I don’t think this thing is working.” 

Working with the professionals at MAC Productions is a great way to ensure your event goes off without a hitch, glitch or any other audio problem and stay within your budget. Contact us today  to make your next live event your best one yet! 

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