Tips Every Event and Meeting Planner Should Consider When Working with an AV Production Company

Meeting and event planners have a lot to consider when preparing for their next show. When working with an audio visual production company, here are 5 things to consider: 

Make an event budget

event planner or planners need to supply a budget

Draft an event budget to share with the AV company. Having a budget in place allows you to make informed decisions about audio, video, lighting, etc., and other options. It also helps the production team determine how they can best serve you and meet the needs of your event. Event Planners

Add space in your schedule

When scheduling your event, add more breaks! While you may want to cram in as much information as possible in a short period of time, we recommend pumping the breaks. Education sessions aren’t the only reason your attendees registered for your conference. Just like in high school, between classes, people want to talk, network and get to know each other. “Free” or unprogrammed time gives attendees opportunities to network and helps break up the day.

Be open to suggestions

Be open to suggestions from the AV company. After all, AV is what they do all the time. Who knows, you might be impressed with the new direction.

Say you requested a large LED wall but the AV company says it would be better to use another option – like multiple smaller displays to make better use of your space. Be flexible! A quality AV company will know what will work for your space and event. 

Insist on a CAD drawing

Insist on a computer-aided design (CAD) drawing for your event. Think of this as your event blueprint.

If the AV company does not use CAD drawings to layout meetings and events, you should hang up the phone. CAD not only visualizes the design and look of the room – it helps with overall safety and fire egresses.

Stick with your decision

Choose an AV production company and stick with them. No matter where you are locally, regionally or nationally – sticking with one AV production company helps keep your branding and production flow consistent.

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