4 Tips for Your Next Event

4 Tips For Your Next Event

When planning your next event, here are a few tips that you should consider during that planning process.

Add more breaks you say? That is crazy! We have to cram in as much information as possible in a short period of time. On paper this may look great, but you have to remember that the education sessions aren’t the only reason your visitors are attending your conference. Just like in high school, between classes, people want to talk, network and get to know each other. Lengthening the break time not only gives them more opportunity to network, but will also help break up the day, giving attendees the feeling they aren’t just running from one class to another.

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Power outlets at a conference are like an oasis in the desert. Outlets are in such short supply that attendees are willing to go to fisticuffs just to secure one. I’ve personally seen someone unplug a projector during the middle of a presentation just to plug in their iPhone. Adding power stations to your event or having extra power strips in rooms will let attendees know you understand their needs.


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Feedback is key to the success of your next event. The best time to get that feedback is while the event is going on. Attendees are more likely to give you more accurate feedback while they are experiencing the event and it is fresh in their mind. Since they have so much on their plate when they get home, it is best to get as much information as possible while you still have their attention. Set up comment sections where attendees can fill out questionnaire cards or QR codes so they can send a quick comment online.


Next to getting attendees to tattoo their names on their foreheads, name tags should always be used. I know what you are thinking… what conference doesn’t use name tags? How many times have you approached someone and can’t remember their name? You try to look at their name tag and the print is so small, or it is halfway in their jacket so that you can’t read it. Double or even triple the size of the name on the name tags. Print the name tag so they can be read from across the room. Never again put your attendee in the uncomfortable position of not knowing who they are speaking to.



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