Do LIVE Better Platform has Solutions for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Is your company looking for options for engaging virtual and hybrid events? MAC Productions’ Do LIVE Better virtual conference platform was built specifically for taking your live conferences to a new level.  

Our virtual platform allows you to fully customize a virtual event. This isn’t just Zoom with a PowerPoint.  

The Do LIVE Better platform allows you to add features previously unobtainable on an affordable platform, while at the same time it all comes with the assurance that the MAC Productions team is behind the scenes handling all your technical details.  

What is the Do LIVE Better virtual conference platform?

Our affordable and reliable platform offers features that will make your guests feel like they’re at a real event, not just on a video conference call. 

With the Do LIVE Better platform, you can make your event feel like a real conference with a general session auditorium hall with unlimited viewing capacity as well as multiple breakout rooms that can feature live, pre-recorded sessions and even Zoom links.  

With the Do LIVE Better platform you can make your event feel like a real conference with a general session auditorium hall

We offer a branded landing page with video capabilities, customized graphics and customized URLs, and sponsorship opportunities. 

 Our event support service includes live on-site chat tech support available to our clients and any attendee requiring assistance. Our pre-, present- and post- event support for clients includes telephone support, one-on-one video and multiple feed support with screen-sharing. 

The Do LIVE Better platform is an option for virtual and hybrid events

So thankfully we are away from all virtual and now going full-on hybrid and we offer solutions for hybrid events. Either online or onsite –no matter your format, our professional studios are here to help you and your presenters execute with studio-quality precision, utilizing the latest technology. 

With the ability to control picture-in-picture looks, motion graphics, and video rolls, your online or hybrid presentations will look amazing. And you can take Q&A from both the online and the onsite audience.  

MAC also offers pre-recording services for key presentations. Although the convenience of virtual is obvious – some of the technical and logistical – such as a missed flight or unavailable speaker issues that were manageable during an onsite event can be solved with pre-recording some of your presenters. 

With MAC Productions, your virtual presenters get a speaker-friendly experience featuring private audio with the production team, customizable presentation/confidence monitor, and direct AV support at every step. Speakers only need to focus on their talk as our team controls all videos, media and presentations. 

Going virtual with sponsors and vendors? MAC Productions’ Do LIVE Better platform offers virtual expositions

In addition to standard conference services, we offer right-priced and customizable “do Virtual better” exposition pages. These pages feature a revenue-generating option for your exhibitors to network and demo products or services. 

Virtual and Hybrid Events
Introducing the Do LIVE Better virtual conference platform dedicated to taking your live conferences to a new level of virtual engagement

Make your event more immersive with live virtual booth hours with live chat features for all attendees to meet exhibitors. They can even leverage the meeting scheduler for one-on-one video meetings for interested attendees. 

We also offer your exhibitors downloadable brochures and files for easy sharing of expo POS materials, marketing video playback or YouTube embeds for easy viewing, and Zoom embeds for live demos and more. Exhibitors also have the option to work with our team of developers in the customization and styling of their booth.  

The do LIVE better expo pages take the onsite experience totally virtual. There is nothing better – at this price – anywhere! 

Does this sound like the right fit for your company? Contact us today or learn more about our platform.

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