Jim Tutorow Promoted to Regional Sales & Event Manager  

MAC Productions is happy to announce that Jim “TUT” Tutorow has been promoted to MAC Productions Regional Sales & Event Manager. How did he prepare for his new role? Simple: 30+ years of experience.

TUT has spent 13 years working for MAC Productions, 11 years as COO of his former company, and 6 years at a former lighting company. TUT is also an ETCP Certified Arena Rigger & Electrician, which helps him ensure MAC’s clients do events safely.

“I feel I am extremely detail-oriented, which is necessary for this role and helps with the management side of operations. That includes things like helping our team ensure everything is ready to go before we leave the office for an event,” says TUT. Regarding what excites him most about his new role. “Those things excite me because I’m a big LEGO® guy. I like the building and creation process of what we do. Every piece is an integral part and helps the creation take on life.”

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Formerly MAC Productions’ Lighting Director, TUT’s new role finds him meeting with clients to configure and create events as well as seeking new clients. This includes highlighting the concepts and ideas that will take them from good to great. The resurgence in post-pandemic live events, however, has kept him very busy working with existing clients.

TUT enjoys the MAC’s service and professionalism. Working alongside his fellow MAC team members daily will help him as he continues to adjust to his new role.

“We’re a family here. Everybody helps everybody, which is fantastic – you don’t get that from a lot of companies,” he says. “At other companies I have worked at or with, I’ve received the response ‘Oh, that’s not my job’ – that’s not the case here. Everybody pitches in and helps, does the things that need to happen to make the client’s event, the most successful it can be. That’s what I love the most about being here: The family atmosphere, team culture and commitment to service.”

But since he says, “We’re only as good as our last job,” TUT found an equally good person to fill his previous role.

“Dan Kaufman took over as lighting director and he’s very well-seasoned. He had been a freelancer for me for about 5 years, so we’re glad to bring him onboard full-time,” TUT says. “He’s very detail-oriented as well.”

Congratulations TUT on your promotion. You help make MAC Productions a great place to work every day!

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